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Artist Collective

The Bold Collective is an artist collective that celebrates, connects and empowers female-identifying artists.

The dream for The Bold Collective is to become a platform for female artists from all over Australia to connect and share. It is our vision to close the gap of under-representation of female-identifying artists within the art industry.

We are in the development stages and we are focused on building a solid foundation for this community of female-identifying artists to grow, flourish and strengthen. If you believe your creative practice and journey aligns with the vision of The Bold Collective would love to invite you to please submit a completed application form.


The foundation of The Bold Collective is community. We encourage connection, collaborative work and opportunities for exposure, networking and artistic growth.


The Bold Collective will run and host a select number of in-person exhibitions. 


In person meet ups coming soon! First up will be Melbourne.

If you are interested in hosting a meet up in your state get in touch and Melanie can help you organise the event. 


Fancy a weekend away with fellow artist to connect and re-charge? Coming in 2023 a range of domestic getaways are planned.  

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Let's build a community

Artist Submissions now open - Click HERE

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