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Have you been eyeing off an original artwork, but it wasn’t quite the right size? Or maybe you wanted a different type of frame? Perhaps something similar with a different colour palette? Let's work together and create the perfect piece of art, made especially for you!

It's a pleasure working with clients on commission pieces to create that special artwork for your home, bedroom, office, workplace, or as a gift for a loved one for a special occasion. Whilst confirming the commission, we will discuss sizing, pricing, colour palettes, materials, designs and time frames before securing the spot. 



For all enquires please read the points below to help me understand what you are after so you can get the best out of me while I create something super exciting for you.

  • Take a look at my Instagram or website and find some artwork you love. It’s great to have an image to reference of an artwork you have previously liked, please note that my abstract style it is not guaranteed to be identical, but all the more unique to the collector! If you have no idea what you want, that’s totally OK! I can work through everything with you and we can find the inspiration for your piece together. I’ll help advise you on design and colours, let you know the different options and costs involved.

  • Email or DM me to let me know you’re interested in a commission. Make sure you also send pictures of the pieces you love. You can also include pics of your space, maybe a piece of furniture/pillows that you’d like to tie the colours in with and if you know the approximate size, then include that too. Also if you need the painting in a specific time frame.  (If you’re not sure of any of these details yet, that’s ok, we can work them out together).

  • I’ll reply with any more questions I need, then I will form a quote. 

  • On approval of the quote I ask for a non-refundable 50% deposit, and then all the fun begins!

  • I'll send you a few pics along the way so you can see the progress and the process. 

  • Once the painting is finished the remainder of the invoice is paid. Then we work out pick up or I can package it to send to you for an additional cost.​

I would like to gift a commission, how does that work?

If you would like the person receiving the gift to be involved in the creative process you might want to look at getting a gift certificate. These vouchers can be spent on any product within my website, commissions included! Feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss any questions about gifting someone a commission.

Gift vouchers are available here.

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