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Melanie is an emerging multi-disciplinary artist living on Dja Dja Warrung country in Maldon, Victoria, Australia. She is also the owner of a boutique travel business and a mother to two dogs and two cats.


She has had a long-standing passion for art and colour. In 2020 she rediscovered her love of painting after the travel world stopped moving. She is passionate about sustainability and the environment. You will see this in her work, products and when she runs workshops.


Inspiration comes from her surroundings. From the beautiful Australian Landscape, to native flora and fauna, to her cats. Her paintings often start with photography. She can be often found snapping photos then disappearing into the studio to sketch and paint.


She works with acrylics and watercolours - on paper or canvas and recently on terracotta pots. All of her work aims to bring joy, energy and movement through the use of bold modern colours. Her work typically incorporates bright pops of colour and aims to achieve interesting texture and gradients.

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