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About artist Melanie Sky

Melanie Sky is an emerging artist living on Dja Dja Warrung country in Maldon, Victoria, Australia. She grew up in coastal NSW and enjoyed being surrounded by dance, music, colour, and nature. She has always felt an energetic connection with the Australian environment, and now explores this relationship with her love of movement, and the interplay of nature and colour through her works.

She follows the inspiration of the landscape in her surroundings while exploring her sense of place and connection to the land with colour. Melanie's work starts with being on country and photographing the landscape both at ground level and from a drone. Once back in the studio she uses those images to draw inspiration from the shapes, colours and textures seen and felt in the landscape. She loves to turn up the volume with the colour and uses different techniques to create a flexibility and fluidity in her style. This allows her to dramatise the landscape through the use of bold colours, shapes and textures. Her work aims to bring the view joy and energy.

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